5x7 pixels Tiny Sprite Font Video with Kerning settings for Construct 2.
5x7 pixels Tiny Sprite Font with 36 color combinations

Type of Asset:
build Template
image Art
Template for:
Construct 2/3
Art file type:

5x7 Tiny Sprite Font
in 36 colour combinations
(+ Kerning settings for Construct 2)

Minimal Sprite Fonts with Stroke for Pixel Art games.
Only 5x7 pixels size!

36 different colour combinations to suit any project.
They are also ideal in dialogues among different characters in the game.

This tiny Sprite Fonts with stroke are sold together with a .capx file for Construct 2. The file contains the default kerning setting for a nice smooth visualization without having extra empty spaces and overlapping extra strokes.

Character set: