8-Bit Shooter Assets Bundle and Template by Biim Games.
8 Bit Pixel Art Horizontal Shooter.
8-Bit Shooter Sample demo Template.
8 Bit Horizontal Shooter in Pixel Art. Sample demo Template.
8Bit Shooter Game Over and New Record screen.
8-Bit Shooter All Assets. Black Background.
8-Bit Shooter Assets Bundle. White Background..

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build Template
image Art
volume_up Audio
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8-bit Shooter template
play_circle_filled Try
8-bit Shooter template
Template for:
Construct 2/3
Art file type:
Audio file type:
.wav (Sfx, Music) and .ogg (Music)

Assets Bundle and Template

Assets Bundle

More than 60 sprites + 17 Sound Effects + 1 Chiptune Music.

This is all you need to start your own retro style side scrolling shooter.
The assets has been tested on Construct 2 and it can produce already an interesting game even with the limitation of the free edition.

The assets can be used with any Game Editor tool that can manage 2D art.


SPRITES (.PNG format)

x03 - Buildings
[one 32x64 pixels, one 16x32 and one 24x64]

x16 - Bullets & Explosion
[starting in 8x8 pixels and ending in 16x16 pixels]

x12 - Power Up
[16x8 pixels]

x06 - UI/Bar
[102x3 and 104x4 pixels +life bar example 1x2 pixels]

x25 - Vehicles
[8x8 pixels]

x01 - Palette 16 colors (CGA)

SOUND EFFECTS (.wav format)

x01 - Alien
x01 - Charging
x04 - Explosions
x01 - Falling
x01 - Hit
x05 - Laser
x01 - Rocket
x03 - UFO


x01 - Chiptune (.wav format)
x01 - Chiptune (.ogg format)

Construct 2 - Video Tutorial about this bundle (English)


The Template file contains the whole game project as it is now and it includes all the above mentioned sprites, sound effects and the music.

The file is in .capx format and works with Construct 2/3, it works even with the free version of the software.
Comments present in the template are in English only.

8-bit Shooter Template Video in action.

Try the Template!


Keyboard Arrows -> Move Keyboard Spacebar -> Shoot

Joystick/Gamepad -> Move A/B/X/Y buttons -> Shoot (only one kind of shot for every button)


A particular enemy ship, once destroyed, will drop a random colour power up.

RED -> +10 Points to Spaceship Health (it can never go over the initial 100)

BLUE -> +10 Points to Speed (Initially 70, no max limit)

YELLOW -> +100 Laser Energy. Laser will shoot a double (or triple if taken twice) bullet for 100 times.

CYAN -> +100 Missiles. Shot together with laser, every shot will decrease the Missile ammo left.

PURPLE -> +100 Fire Bullets. Shot together with laser, every shot will decrease the Fire ammo left.


LASER - Basic weapon that you will never lose, it deal 1 damage, it can be upgraded with Power Up to shoot 2 or 3 salvos at time.

FIRE BULLET - You can gain this weapon with a Power Up and it deals 2 damage.

MISSILE - You can gain this weapon with a Power Up and it deals 3 damage.


+10 -> Destroying Purple/C-shape enemy

+20 -> Destroying White Enemy

+20 -> Destroying Yellow/Fish-shape enemy

+20 -> Destroying Grey/Trimaran-shape enemy

+20 -> Destroying Grey/Shield-shape enemy

+30 -> Destroying Blue Enemy

+50 -> Destroying Purple/Tentacle-shape Enemy

+50 -> Destroying Green Enemy

+50 -> Destroying Yellow/Ring-shape enemy (it also carries a Power Up, if collected you get additional points)

+100 -> Collecting a Power Up