64x64 ill-fated, Hack and Slash. Local co-op game.
64x64 ill-fated, Heroes Selection. Indie local co-op game.
64x64 ill-fated, Gather information and path choice.
64x64 ill-fated, video 3 players gameplay.
Title Screen. 64x64 ill-fated, indie video game hack and slash by Biim Games. Multiplayer.
4 players Gameplay. 64x64 ill-fated, indie video game beat 'em up with RPG elements by Biim Games. Couch co-op Multiplayer.
Light System. 64x64 ill-fated, cave level. Retro Arcade 8-bit style.
Single Player. 64x64 ill-fated, warrior in swamp level fighting giant leeches.
First Mission. 64x64 ill-fated, adventuring in the mountain pass level.
Heroes selection screen. 64x64 ill-fated, RPG stats of characters.
Gather information. 64x64 ill-fated, each character tries to collect information about the mission.
Three players gameplay. 64x64 ill-fated, Rogue, Cleric and Mage adventuring without Fighter.
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64x64 ill-fated
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64x64 ill-fated
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1 - 4

64x64 ill-fated

64x64 ill-fated is a hack and slash inspired by classic fantasy arcade games with the addition of RPG elements.

The game is for 1 to 4 players; call your friends for an enjoyable local multiplayer action!
Select your characters and be aware that everyone has different stats and abilities, therefore cooperation is very important. Remember to don't split the party!

Choose between Warrior, Rogue, Cleric and Mage.

The red bar indicates your life, the yellow the stamina, and the blue the mind.

Every time you attack you use one stamina point. When you don't have any stamina left, you need to catch a breath before you can attack again. Stamina is recovered every few second if not fighting.

Some enemies try to corrupt your mind and if it drops to zero you will become insane.
Watch out because once insane your character will become hard to control!

Gather Information

At the beginning of each mission, you can try to get some extra details about the mission.

Each one of your characters will attempt to get additional information about the quest.
The more characters are in the group, the more chance you have to raise lore about the expedition.

Select your path

Before starting for your journey, you might be able to choose your path.

If you have successfully gathered information, you might use that knowledge to decide the itinerary you want to take.


Choose your heroes among Warrior, Rogue, Cleric or Mage.

Each one has different characteristics, unique attacks and fighting techniques. When defeating a boss, your character will level up increasing their skills.

Don't forget to co-operate with your friends and develop different fighting tactics if you want to survive.


64x64 ill-fated supports up to 4 gamepads/joysticks, if you don't have enough for all the player the first one can use ASDW to move and G to attack. If you require a second player to use the keyboard they can use the directional arrows to move and L to attack.

The control selection screen uses W and S or Arrows up and down to move and ENTER, SPACEBAR or G to select the desired option.