FPS on Rails template demo video. Video game template for light gun games by Biim Games.
FPS on Rails template. Rail mode selection & Game Map.
FPS on Rails template. Character selection screen.
FPS on Rails template. Character stats.
FPS on Rails template. First Person Shooter game.
FPS on Rails template. Western gun duel.
FPS on Rails template. Destructable tilemap and machine gun in use.
FPS on Rails template. 9-patch for machine gun bullets.

FPS on Rails Template

Do you want to create a great game inspired by light gun arcade classics?
Make your dream true with this template!

This template is for Construct 2 & 3; you can use it to create your own First Person Shooter on Rails.

The template is fully commented, and a 23 page document with explanation, examples and suggestion for improvement is included.


4 different type of navigation during the game.

Customizable and expandable array with 3 different weapons.

Customizable and expandable array with 3 different characters.

HUD showing different representations of bullets.

Parallax effect.

Zoom IN & Zoom OUT effects.

Mouse automatically aligned with parallax and zoomed imaged.

Map Layout to choose next location or mission to perform.

Character Layout to choose your favourite hero.

System for different kind of in-game collectable items.

Enemy counter to determine when the level is completed.

Holes appears on walls and trees when shot.

Particles effect for blood, damaged trees, wood, glass and terrain.

Destructible tilemap with tile replacement.

Sound localization to understand location of sound source.


Screen changes colour when player is damaged.

Drop of Pick Up items when enemies are destroyed.

Two different example of enemy movement and attack.

Manual weapon reload system, featuring different reloading types.

In-game messages for the player

Art, SFX and Music by PixelBoy

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(keyboard and mouse necessary)

Mouse to aim
Left Click to Shoot
Right Click to Zoom In (Release to Zoom Out)
Wheel Up to reload weapon (if your ammo number next to the box is > 0)

(You have different weapons only in the Quick Game)

1 - Pistol
2 - Rifle
3 - Machine Gun


Mode 0
Follow Mouse - Use Mouse to navigate.

Mode 1
Bullet Behavior - Camera moves back and forward the level with bullet behavior.

Mode 2
8 Direction - Left/Right Arrows or A/D to move camera.

Mode 3
Pathfinding - The camera moves towards pre-define locations.

F5 - Restart